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Assembly guide

QMK Repo

VIA / Vial enabled firmware





  • Group buy is closed, all orders will be shipped in April.


  • Case production 80% completed
  • Placed PCB order


  • Case production completed
  • PCB arrived, preparing for testing.


  • All PCBs tested and verified working.
  • Parts arrived, 9 pins cables are missing in the batch. Replacement order placed.
  • Assembly will begin next weekend.


  • Assembly work for assembled orders is completed.
  • Packaging and shipping begin next week.


  • All orders shipped



Macro pad lives under your desk.

UC-1 is a 3 keys macro pad with encoder in a 3D printed PLA enclosure designed to be mounted under desk or monitor.



UC-1 supports RGB backlight, just pick the semi-transparent plate and let the RGB light shine through. If you prefer a minimal look, select opaque in the plate option.

Addition plate can be added to your order here if you like to switch things up every now and then.


Mount it your way

It’s recommended to mount UC-1 with tapping screws (not included) for optimal user experience. There are reinforced mounting holes on the enclosure which allow strong and steady mounting.

However, double-sided tape is included as many people indicated that they will be mounting UC-1 with double-side tape instead of using screws.     



Tinker at ease

UC-1 is designed to be able to take apart without dismounting from the desk. Which is great for those who need to access the MCU after installation.



  • RGB Backlight
  • Hotswap
  • 20mm rotary knob
  • Pro Micro 5V (Micro USB)
  • QMK Firmware
  • VIA compatible
  • PLA 3D printed housing
  • 60 x 109 x 30mm


What’s in the box

  • 1 x Set of 3D printed PLA housing (front, plate and rear cover)
  • 1 x 3D printed PLA rotary knob
  • 1 x Switch PCB
  • 1 x Controller PCB
  • 1 x Pro Micro 5V with pin header
  • 2 x 9pins 1.27mm sockets
  • 1 x 9pins 1.27mm cable
  • 3 x Hotswap sockets
  • 1 x EC11 encoder
  • 1 x Set of fastening
  • 1 x Strip of double-sided tape

Aluminium knob is optional and to be purchased separately.


Things to note

This is a group buy, end on 1st February - Estimated shipping date is April 2021. 

Please join the Discord server to get the latest updates. Major updates will be posted here as well.


Kit required soldering - Most of the solder joints are through-hole. The only ‘SMT’ soldering is the hot-swap sockets, which may raise concern to some who are not experienced in soldering. However, the hot-swap socket has very large pads, it’s as easy as soldering through-hole IMO.

Alternatively, an assembled version is available to order if you prefer not to solder.


Keycaps and switches are not included.


This is a 3D printed product - Due to the nature of FDM 3D printing, layer lines and z-seams are unavoidable. However, z-seams will be located inside, under and an area where it's not visible when it’s used as intended (i.e. mount under desk or monitor). Photos of z-seams and layer lines can seem here.